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Are you READY To Scale Your Business With PAID Advertising in 2023?

Sick and tired of Organic Traffic?
Want to finally start scaling your business to the 5, 6 or even 7 figure level?
We’re here to help!
We at Ace Reddy Media have helped clients hit $17mill+ combined in Revenue in niches like eComm,
Coaching/Consulting and even local lead gen.

Are we going to Be a GOOD Fit?

Let us not waste time here.
We work with a LIMITED number of people every month.
This isn’t false scarcity like most of the other “Gurus” you must’ve seen use over the last few years.
Since, there’s a lot of work involved on my part – I SIMPLY Cannot work with everyone.
Only enough time in a day…

Hence, we only work with 5 people a month.
And this is precisely why we have a strict qualification process, requirements and as you’d presume a reassuringly significant fee….and I say “reassuringly” because it’ll discourage any moochers from getting in.
Let me quickly describe the nature, mindset and experience of the person this is designed for…

  • Open to radically different approaches to making BIG MONEY.
  • The Ambition and desire to scale up your life and business to the next level.
  • Positive people that believe in generosity and helping back the community once they’re successful.
  • Willing to learn and adapt to the market rapidly.

  • Willing to change the business model/Offer or other components based on our suggestions.

  • You must be WILLING to let us create Advertising we think will SELL. (Except for legal and factual


    If that short list doesn’t disqualify you, then please read on…

DO NOT think of this as a ‘Sales Letter’, which suggests me persuading you to buy something; that’s honestly not my purpose. Think of it as a “Deciding” letter, which puts you in control, not me. 

Its purpose is for you to decide whether this service is a good fit for you. 

Who do we work with?

– eCommerce Store Owners that are hitting atleast $3k+ in Revenue and are looking to scale. 

– Coaching/Consulting or Info Product owners with a solid product backed by testimonials of happy customers that have hit atleast $5k in revenue with their offer organically. 

– Doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors or any other business or professional looking to dominate the market in their niche and location.

Requirements To Qualify for this offer:-

– Ready to invest $2,000/m in Ad spend on 

Facebook/Youtube/Google depending on the Strategy we build together. 

– Legitimate offer with legitimate testimonials. (No shady record/reputation). 

– Willing to give us 3 months to dial our Systems and Processes in.

Ideally, we want to be the only advertising agency you use for the next year or even 2. 

If you’re one of those people that just wants to tip toe – this is probably not for you. 

But if you’re serious about us working together and scaling your business to the next level – this will be an exciting journey for you. 

Our Unique Processes:-

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of agencies out there. What makes us different?
Our Values and Processes!
Here’s to list a few:-

TRACK EVERYTHING :- Data is very important in this business. But sadly, most people don’t know or have an understanding of how to track and use data.
Well, “using data” is impossible if you can’t even track it right.
Right from the beginning, we’ll lay solid tracking systems in place so when we start to get data EVERYTHING is tracked, accounted for and used in the future campaigns.
Simplistic Advertising:- I’m a BIG FAN of the K.I.S.S. principle.
Keep it simple stupid!
Over the last decade that I’ve been in the Advertising Industry, there’s a lot of valuable lessons I’ve learned by not just running ads for my own business but also hundreds of other businesses.
And even teaching 1000’s of students and helping multiple businesses hit 6 and 7 figures in revenue/yr or even month.

And the thing that has always worked for me was by keeping the advertising and system super simple and to the point.
High Quality Product + Solid HOOK + Ideal Audience that’s big enough in size and value = MONEY!
Of course, there’s things like funnels, ads, copy, traffic, etc. but we have many methods that are very simple to implement but get crazy results.

High Compliance Advertising.

Most Agencies DO NOT RUN compliant advertising. They’ll run ads and get their Client’s accounts banned. We prioritize high compliance advertising so:- #1 – YOU DO NOT LOSE ANY AD ACCS. 


Non-Compliant Advertising has a barrier to it. You can’t scale beyond a certain limit.

Highly compliant advertising can help you scale with ease. 

The BIG REASON why most agencies use a incompliant form of advertising is because they’re LAZY. 

They’re too lazy to do the research that’s required to come up with solid hooks.

Making the Offers and Creatives do a BIG Part of the Selling.

When you work with us, we’ll help you tone up your offer to a point where your market can’t resist it.
A Good Product with Good Advertising will usually sell itself.
Many people play this game on “HARD” or “EXPERT” difficulty.
They spend too much time tweaking ads, split testing, and doing all the other stuff.
Instead of actually working on what matters the MOST! The OFFER Itself.

What budget should you expect to spend on Ads?

We use a “TEST FAST, SCALE FAST” System.
What we do is, take your offer and choose 4-5 different hooks, creatives, etc. and test them.
We test them aggressively on low budgets to see what works and what doesn’t and then work on optimizing and scaling what does.
The testing budget for products higher than $500 would usually be 3x the value of the product.
So if you sell a $1,000 course – the testing budget would be $3,000 for the first month.
If you sell lower ticket products, the testing budgets will be $1,500-$2,000/m.
Once we find a winning combo – you’ll start to see some solid leads and even sales roll in.
At that point, we’ll work on just feeding the system and keep it working so you see a higher volume of sales.
So let’s assume you spend $3,000 on the testing campaigns and see one sale.
That’s a negative ROI, right?
No – not actually! This is precisely why we refer to this as the testing phase.
When we dig in, we might find an ad that only spent $280 to get a sale.
We’ll then optimize that ad and let it run for a few more days.
If it gets another sale at the same $280 CPA – we have a solid winner.
If we can maintain the $280-$400 range at scale, we could spend $4,000 on the Ads and get $10,000 in revenue.
If you choose to reinvest the $10,000 to scale higher – we can.
This is a basic overview of how our paid traffic budgeting model works.

How Have Our Clients Done?

We wish we could say we hit a home run every time, but sadly we can’t.
But by and large our clients have done quite well.

– An High Ticket eCommerce Store: An eCom Store owner came to us because he was consistently losing money with his store.
His ROAS (Return on adspend) was 1.9 when he came to us and within 60 days after our advertising began – he had a ROAS of 4.4x!
– A Coach of Parents with Autism:- A Coach named Michelle reached out to us as she had this unique offer where she was helping parents of kids with Autism communicate with them better and help them improve.
We had never done anything in this niche before but we gave it a shot.
We initially did consulting and then later on started handling the Advertising for her and helped her to scale to a six figure level.
She had customers coming in from several different countries and not just the USA and was very excited about this.
– A Supplement Store Owner: We helped a supplement store scale to over $4.5 million in Revenue using special contest based advertising that converted really well.
– A Female Apparel eCom Store:- Spent $1,592 on Facebook Ads to help her hit $10,744 in Revenue.
And many other solid results were produced using our unique Advertising Systems and Processes.

How Have Our Clients Done?

We have a step by step system.
– We start with offer and product consulting and help you tone up your offers and make them irresistible.
Prior to our consulting call, we’ll personally investigate and dig into your niche and uncover the intel that will let us position your product/offer in the best light and also make it irresistible.
– We’ll Craft a testing strategy and deploy it.
We’ll run all the ads for you.
We usually start with one traffic source (Facebook or Youtube and slowly scale out to the other sources too)
– We’ll send you a weekly report with the numbers on every campaign we ran, what worked, what didn’t and everything else.
– We’ll set up our unique tracking system that you can use EVEN if you stop working with us. This system will help you understand what campaigns are profitable, what aren’t and what to scale.
– We’ll meet bi-weekly and I’ll personally give you updates on everything we’ve been doing to help you get more leads, clients or customers.

What does it cost to have us Handle All Your Advertising?

Most agencies charge a flat fee + a % of your Adspend. We don’t.
We charge $3,000 the first month and a flat fee of $2,500/m from Month #2 (our fee remains the same regardless of how high your ad spend is).

Why should YOU work with ME?

As I’ve said in the initial part of this letter, this is NOT a Sales Page.
It is not my job to convince you to hire me.
My Goal is to make you aware of what we do and how we do it and if you think our values align and we’re a good fit – I’d have a whole lot of fun scaling your business to the next level.

What should you do if you’re interested in working with us?

Send me a message directly and I’ll send you a quick qualification survey – if you qualify, we can jump on a call and get you going.


We DO NOT Offer Refunds or any MONEY BACK Guarantees.
This is business not a disney fairytale.
What I can guarantee however is that we will put in our 100% to help you get the results you seek!

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